Jasmine Gold

Songbird Director, Toltec Mentor, Certified Four Agreements Facilitator, Reiki Master

Jasmine Gold is the director of Songbird Community Healing Center. She is a Toltec Mentor, certified Four Agreements Facilitator, and Reiki Master. She has spent her adult life gradually awakening to Spirit and the truth of who she is. Her process of transformation continues to this day in an ongoing dance of discovery. Her traditional education includes BA’s in Linguistics and Classical Languages at UC Berkeley. While there, she started developing a fascination with studying personality types. Her non-traditional Toltec education started ten years ago with local teacher Allan Hardman. It includes a three-year intensive spiritual training program with don Miguel Ruiz (author of the Four Agreements) and Barbara Emrys. She has taken six power journeys to Teotihuacan, Mexico and one to Peru. She was drawn to the Toltec work because it has a strong focus both on letting go of limiting beliefs and on living our lives from a place of unconditional love and acceptance. Some of her other teachers include David Deida, Sahn Kai, and her teenage son Julian. Her passion is to share information and support growth for all through community, connection, and creativity.
Besides Reiki, Jasmine has explored many other healing arts. Her love of community building and research prompted her to start the Hands of Gold Healing Clinic in her living room in Cotati. After running it there for five years, she moved it to the Songbird Center when it opened. The clinic provides a fun and casual community for people to explore and receive different types of healing. Besides the Healing Clinic, Jasmine offers small classes, in-person private sessions, and phone sessions. These are tailored to individual needs and can include visualization, discussion, recapitulation breathing, hands-on energy healing, and/or tools based on the Toltec teachings of don Miguel Ruiz. Contact: jasmine@songbirdcenter.org, 707-795-2398