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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Spring Clean Your Environment Physically and Energetically

with Francis Rico

Physical cleaning 4-6pm, Potluck 6-7pm, Energetic cleaning with Francis Rico 7-9pm. Drop-In until 7, suggested donation $10-$20.

Are you frustrated by the toxins in cleaning products, or want to learn how to clean your home or office beyond the physical level? Have fun learning about and trying out healthy toxin-free cleaning products including essential oils that support your health. Remove psychic clutter and create sacred space through sound, smudging, and more.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Beyondanda and Beyond: A Two-Man One Man Comedy Show

with Swami Beyondananda

Enjoy an evening of heart-opening laughter and mind-expanding comedy to help you wake up laughing and leave laughter in your wake.  Cosmic comic Swami Beyondananda shines the light of laughter, even on the endarkened corridors of power. And yes, if you have an answerable question, the Swami will have a questionable answer for you. After Swami’s stand-up set, you’ll have a chance to sit down with his slightly-more-serious alter ego Steve Bhaerman, who will offer tips to help you laugh your way through challenging times. You will laugh while you learn, and learn while you laugh.  7:00pm-9:30pm. $20 in advance/$25 at the door. Drop off cash/check or pay online:

Songbird Friday Flock Nights

Fridays, 7:30pm-9:30pm. Suggested donation $10 to $20.

Your opportunity to connect and learn with other like-minded people. Birds of a feather flock together.

March 3,  2017

spring cleanse your body mind and spirit with terry trapp flierSpring Cleanse: Nourish Your Body, Mind & Spirit

with Terry Trapp

Explore tips to cleanse & revitalize your body with whole foods, superfoods and herbal cleanses. Find out how to purify yourself using nutrition, herbs, supplements, flower remedies, detoxifying baths and intuitive energy clearing. Discover ways to center and release emotional stress. Reconnect with your spiritual self and raise your vibration.

April 28,  2017

Awakening the Power of Self-Healing

with Meir Schneider

Join Meir Schneider, PhD, LMT, to learn the principles and techniques of his Self-Healing Method, which can empower anyone to take charge of their own health and unlock the body’s ability to heal itself. The method combines massage, movement and breathing education, visualization, and vision improvement training.

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