Dorena Rode

dr-webDorena Rode’s passion is to assist people in changing the habitual ways of living and thinking that no longer serve them.  She operates from the premise that each person has the wisdom within them about what is best for them and an innate ability to heal completely from any ailment or trauma.  She facilitates change by asking questions, resolving trauma and clearing limiting beliefs with verbal processing.  She also uses hands-on methods to eliminate dysfunctional processes and balance the body.

Dorena has an extremely varied background and actively pursues many interests.  Her first love was herbal medicine and she practiced and taught in that field for many years.  Her study of plant medicine culminated in a Ph.D. in physiology from UC Davis (2004).  She was certified in ThetaHealing in 2007 and used that to clear her repressed childhood memories/trauma of extreme abuse. Once clinically depressed and anxious herself, she is now free.  For the past twenty years she has been maintaining a regular practice of meditation and internal arts (Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Bagua, Hsing Yi) and has recently added Vajra Dance.  She is a certified Chi Gung teacher and Buddhist Spiritual Guide.

Dorena’s extensive knowledge of addiction, trauma, nutrition, anatomy, energy medicine, physiology, personal recovery, ThetaHealing®, meditation, Access Consciousness®, and herbal medicine allow her to approach her consulting work from a broad perspective.  Individuals desiring change can schedule a private session or attend a group class.

Dorena is the author of four books:
Deconditioning Ground
The Twelve Steps as a Path to Enlightenment – How the Buddha Works the Steps
The Answers Are Within – A collection of Personal Stories
Natural Approaches to Women’s Health
Contact:, (707) 291-7731

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